new books

I have a poor memory, so I bought a book about mnemonics to make strong my memory.

渡辺 剛彰 東京カルチャーセンター
フローラル出版 (1996/09)
売り上げランキング: 43365
おすすめ度の平均: 3.5
4 面白い本です。
3 都会の人むけ
4 読んで損はしないと思います

and I also bought a book below.
Why I bought the book is that I was suggested by Amazon ;-)

椋木 修三
経済界 (2004/11)
売り上げランキング: 1429
おすすめ度の平均: 4.5
5 独習勉強法、最良の1冊!
5 悩みが吹っ飛んだ
4 具体的な方法が書いてあって実践しやすい 

Here, I should pay attention to a fact that most of books I read are "How to book" :-+
I should read more books which are academic or scientific.